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Best strategies to grow instagram followers and engagement

Instagram is currently the biggest and fastest growing social media platform with over a billion active users on a monthly basis. A large amount of people all around the world earn their livelihood solely through Instagram. Many businesses have used this social media platform as a means to dramatically increase their sales. The best thing is that you can do it too if you know the right strategies. There is no need to panic because, in this post, you will be taught all the necessary tricks of the trade.


Given below are the top five strategies that you can use to grow your followers and engagement on Instagram.

   1. Use the correct hashtags:

Adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram allow people to discover you apart from your current followers. This strategy is very powerful and is often underrated. However, there is a very thin line between attracting people through this strategy and losing followers due to it. You must only use a few relevant hashtags. This is because, adding irrelevant or a lot of hashtags will annoy your audience and cause them to unfollow. Hashtagify offers Instagram tracking and also helps you in finding the top related hashtags and influencers within your niche.


   2. Improve your content game:

Nothing will attract followers and make them loyal to your Instagram page other than meaningful and relatable content. Share high quality, eye-catching images and caption them with something funny, meaningful, thought provoking or something that motivates them. People will only respond to content that stirs something inside them. You can also ask a question to start a debate in the comments section.

   3. Do not post too much:

Social media forums like Twitter are based on constant interactions. However, that is not the same when dealing with Instagram. If you post too much on Instagram then you will most likely lose followers. However, posting less also causes a loss in engagement and followers because, your account is deemed as inactive. Check your insights and see at what time your followers are most active. Then post once or twice a day during that time.

   4. Interact with your followers:

Interacting with your followers adds a personality to your Instagram page. So, reply to their comments as much as you can. Moreover, conduct polls and hold Question/ Answer sessions through the Instagram story tool asking what your audience wants to see. Do not forget to make use of the Instagram Live tool. Research by social media experts has shown this tool to be the most effective for increasing engagement.

   5. Make use of Geotags and tag relevant accounts:

Adding a location to your post helps find nearby and relevant audience for your services. These followers are more likely to engage with your content instead of those who do not live nearby. Furthermore, tag relevant accounts on your post using the ‘tag people’ feature. Tag as many accounts as you can. This will make you more discoverable and increases the chance of growing your followers.